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It's fairly common these days to go to a web site such as a site that displays a list of restaurants in a given city, and then request the site to display a map that highlights the location of the restaurants. Figure 1 shows an example of this type of site. Although you might assume that both the list and map come from resources within the site, the two types of information often originate from different sites. More specifically, the services that generate the two types of content are in different sites. This merging of services and content from multiple web sites in an integrated, coherent way is called a mashup.

Most mashups do more than simply integrate services and content. Sites that do mashups typically add value. They benefit users in a way that's different and better than the individual services they leverage. For example, Delexa.org brings together data from the social bookmarking site del.icio.us and the web site traffic tracker Alexa. Using the topic tags that it extracts from del.icio.us, Delexa.org allows users to search for top traffic sites by topic, something that you can do in only a limited way on the Alexa site. For example, a user can ask to see the most frequently visited gardening sites or the most frequently visited karate sites.

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