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Android devices come in many shapes and sizes. Designing applications to run flawlessly, regardless of the device characteristics, is as much an art as a science. Tablet development involves some special considerations. Designing for tablets is not the same as designing for phones, but there are many similarities. In this tutorial, learn development techniques for designing applications that work well on tablets, many of which can be applied to other types of devices as well.

We're currently experiencing a "tablet boom"-check out any electronics shop and you'll find dozens of Android tablets for sale. These tablets range from low-end devices with screens no larger than a typical phone running ancient versions of the Android SDK (i.e. Android 1.6) to fancy e-book readers and highly anticipated devices like the Motorola Xoom. But despite the plethora of Android tablets available today, only two large screened tablets ship with official Android Market and the host of Google services: the Samsung Galaxy tab and the Motorola Xoom. As such, we'll use these popular devices as examples, but the advice in this tutorial applies to most properly-configured (by the manufacturer) tablets.

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