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Ektron and SitePoint did a survey of 5,000 web developers over the US summer, and have just released the results in a report entitled The State of Web Development 2006/2007. It's packed full of useful data, even in the 25-page preview (which is free). The bits that particularly interested me were the following two charts, showing which web technologies developers and organizations are using now - and plan to use in future.

Interestingly AJAX is not that far behind Flash (which has been around for much longer). See below for more on that trend... Blogs are well-used, while wikis not so - no real surprise there, as blogs are generally easier to use. Syndication / RSS at 36% is still a little low, but I predict it'll be much higher next year thanks to the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo bringing it into the mainstream.

Most web technologies will apparently be used more - in particular Ajax, which next year is predicted to surpass Flash for the first time.

I'm quite surprised that syndication is not planned to be used more next year, as to my mind RSS and syndication has only just scratched the surface of development opportunities. Custom search is another that I pick to be used more - yet it's slated to go down in this report! Microformats are probably a 'long bet', as it's still low on peoples radar according to this report.

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