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Nada se pode esculpir sobre a madeira podre
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soapUI - Debugging Web Services

soapUI is the leading tool for Web Service Testing. With more than 300 000 downloads, it's the most (...)

clicks: 4733 4733 2008-05-20 2008-05-20 goto url (new window) soapui.org/inde... goto myNews software

Flash Player 10

Adobe&reg; Flash&reg; Player 10, code-named "Astro," introduces new expressive features and visual p (...)

clicks: 4177 4177 2008-05-18 2008-05-18 goto url (new window) labs.adobe.com/... goto myNews software

Firefox 3 Themes

If you are reading this post odds are you are one of the 1.2 million people currently enjoying a bet (...)

clicks: 4523 4523 2008-05-17 2008-05-17 goto url (new window) blog.mozilla.co... goto myNews software

Fedora 9 (Sulphur)

The Fedora 9 release summary provides a quick overview of the major new features in this release. Wh (...)

clicks: 4299 4299 2008-05-16 2008-05-16 goto url (new window) fedoraproject.o... goto myNews software

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a Web 2.0 visualization software environment that enables your comp (...)

clicks: 4318 4318 2008-05-13 2008-05-13 goto url (new window) worldwidetelesc... goto myNews software


Xobni is a San Francisco, California based startup that is revolutionizing the way people manage ema (...)

clicks: 5054 5054 2008-05-12 2008-05-12 goto url (new window) xobni.com/ goto myNews software

Microsoft shares more IE8 security details

When Microsoft officials released a first test build of Internet Explorer (IE) 8 back in March, they (...)

clicks: 4248 4248 2008-05-12 2008-05-12 goto url (new window) blogs.zdnet.com... goto myNews software

Introduction to Opera Dragonfly

An exciting new development is upon us - we have unleashed the Dragonfly! Opera Dragonfly is Opera's (...)

clicks: 4669 4669 2008-05-07 2008-05-07 goto url (new window) dev.opera.com/a... goto myNews software

IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3

Internet Explorer 6 Users XPSP3 will continue to ship with IE6 and contains a roll-up of the late (...)

clicks: 4097 4097 2008-05-06 2008-05-06 goto url (new window) blogs.msdn.com/... goto myNews software


phpMyVisites is a free and powerful open source (GNU/GPL) software for websites statistics and audie (...)

clicks: 4138 4138 2008-05-04 2008-05-04 goto url (new window) phpmyvisites.us... goto myNews software

Microsoft lets users bypass Office Ribbon

For users still unhappy using the Ribbon interface in the Office productivity suite, Microsoft has a (...)

clicks: 3847 3847 2008-04-29 2008-04-29 goto url (new window) builderau.com.a... goto myNews software

Better ASP.NET Exception Management

Every now and again I change something on my blog, only to see the wonderful Yellow Screen of Death (...)

clicks: 3845 3845 2008-04-27 2008-04-27 goto url (new window) dscoduc.com/pos... goto myNews software

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Released to Manufacturing

Today we are happy to announce that Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has released to manufacturing (R (...)

clicks: 4097 4097 2008-04-23 2008-04-23 goto url (new window) forums.microsof... goto myNews software

Visual LINQ Query Builder - VS 2008 Add-In

Visual Linq Query Builder helps you create Linq to SQL queries for your programs(Support for C# and (...)

clicks: 4315 4315 2008-04-16 2008-04-16 goto url (new window) dotnetproject.b... goto myNews software

Web design on a budget. Six free alternatives to Dreamweaver.

As webdevelopers most of us have been born and bred on Adobe's (formerly Macromedia's) weapon of cho (...)

clicks: 4766 4766 2008-04-13 2008-04-13 goto url (new window) blog.webdistort... goto myNews software

Adobe Photoshop Express


clicks: 3981 3981 2008-03-29 2008-03-29 goto url (new window) https://photosh... goto myNews software

Safari 3.1 Features Review

Apple released Safari 3.1 (525.13) for both Mac and Windows users today which comes with a bunch of (...)

clicks: 4238 4238 2008-03-20 2008-03-20 goto url (new window) seifi.org/brows... goto myNews software

CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-stand (...)

clicks: 4291 4291 2008-03-19 2008-03-19 goto url (new window) camstudio.org/ goto myNews software

How I lost my WinDbg virginity

Jeff Moser's recent post on becoming a grandmaster developer was very inspiring. I'm now consciously (...)

clicks: 4244 4244 2008-03-16 2008-03-16 goto url (new window) blog.lavablast.... goto myNews software

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 (Developer Preview)

Welcome to the website for Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is a developer pre (...)

clicks: 3817 3817 2008-03-06 2008-03-06 goto url (new window) microsoft.com/w... goto myNews software

Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8

We've decided that IE8 will, by default, interpret web content in the most standards compliant way i (...)

clicks: 4068 4068 2008-03-05 2008-03-05 goto url (new window) blogs.msdn.com/... goto myNews software

A list of most XP BSoD errors and solutions

I have been seeing quite a few posts regarding the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, and what the STOP c (...)

clicks: 4254 4254 2008-02-29 2008-02-29 goto url (new window) geekstogo.com/f... goto myNews software

Visual LINQ: Watch query expressions as they happen!

Critical link (in case you can't find it): Source Code Download Update: Dmitry Lyalin has put tog (...)

clicks: 3994 3994 2008-02-27 2008-02-27 goto url (new window) msmvps.com/blog... goto myNews software