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I'm actually glad I waited this long before beginning to learn the language, because they've sorted out a lot of issues in the meantime. In fact, several versions of the language have made breaking changes with previous versions, requiring code rewrites. Some people have found this shocking; an indication that the language is "immature" and "not ready for the enterprise." I find it one of the most promising things about Scala -- it is not determined to become an instant boat anchor by committing to early decisions that are later revealed to be suboptimal, or outright mistakes. Java is the perfect case study, unable to pry its cold, dead fingers from old decisions made badly in a rush to meet an imagined deadline imposed by the Internet. C++ was admirable when it determined to be C-compatible because it brought legions of C programmers into the world of object-oriented programming, but coping with the resulting hurdles is no longer a good use of programmer time.

Indeed, I grew tired of the whole mindset that language design is more important than programmer time; that a programmer should work for the language rather than the reverse. So much so that I thought I had grown out of programming altogether. But now I think I might just have been tired of the old generation of languages and waiting for the next generation -- and especially the forward-thinking around those languages.

If you've read my past writings, you know I am unimpressed with arguments about static type checking for its own sake, which typically come down to "if I can't know X is an int, then the world will collapse!" I've written and seen enough robust code in Python to be unswayed by such histrionics; the payoff for all the hoop-jumping in C++ and Java seems small compared to what can be accomplished using far less, and much clearer, Python code.

Scala is the first language I've seen where static type-checking seems to pay off. Some of its amazing contortional abilities would not, I think, be possible without static type checking. And, as I shall attempt to show in this article, the static checking is relatively unobtrusive -- so much so that programming in Scala almost feels like programming in a dynamic language like Python.

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