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"Theseus, we have to do something" said Homer, chief marketing officer of Ancient Geeks Inc.. Theseus put the Minotaur action figure™ back onto the shelf and nods. "Today's children are no longer interested in the ancient myths, they prefer modern heroes like Spiderman or Sponge Bob." Heroes. Theseus knew well how much he had been a hero in the labyrinth back then on Crete[1]. But those "modern heroes" did not even try to appear realistic. What made them so successful? Anyway, if the pending sales problems could not be resolved, the shareholders would certainly arrange a passage over the Styx for Ancient Geeks Inc.

"Heureka! Theseus, I have an idea: we implement your story with the Minotaur as a computer game! What do you say?" Homer was right. There had been several books, epic (and chart breaking) songs, a mandatory movie trilogy and uncountable Theseus & the Minotaur™ gimmicks, but a computer game was missing. "Perfect, then. Now, Theseus, your task is to implement the game".

A true hero, Theseus chose Haskell as the language to implement the company's redeeming product in. Of course, exploring the labyrinth of the Minotaur was to become one of the game's highlights. He pondered: "We have a two-dimensional labyrinth whose corridors can point in many directions. Of course, we can abstract from the detailed lengths and angles: for the purpose of finding the way out, we only need to know how the path forks. To keep things easy, we model the labyrinth as a tree. This way, the two branches of a fork cannot join again when walking deeper and the player cannot go round in circles. But I think there is enough opportunity to get lost; and this way, if the player is patient enough, he can explore the entire labyrinth with the left-hand rule."

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