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50 Sites For Discovering Free Textures

Textures are the backbone of most designs and knowing where to find them easily is a must. Oh and wh (...)

clicks: 4434 4434 2010-05-23 2010-05-23 goto url (new window) slodive.com/des... goto myNews misc

Tables in Web Design: Beautiful Examples and Best Practices

Tables are very important parts of user interfaces but often overlooked. They are perfectly suited f (...)

clicks: 4107 4107 2010-05-22 2010-05-22 goto url (new window) webexpedition18... goto myNews misc

25 Advanced Photo Effects and Techniques with Photoshop

All of the tutorials in this article have been labeled advanced, simply because of the dramatic tran (...)

clicks: 3680 3680 2010-05-21 2010-05-21 goto url (new window) speckyboy.com/2... goto myNews misc

CDN performance: Downloading jQuery from Google, Microsoft, and Edgecast CDNs

If you're using jQuery, a good thing you can do is to use the jQuery file hosted on one of the three (...)

clicks: 3924 3924 2010-05-21 2010-05-21 goto url (new window) royal.pingdom.c... goto myNews misc

25 Best Icon Sets for Application Design

Today, we've compiled a list of 25 best icon sets for application design, there icon sets were hand- (...)

clicks: 3608 3608 2010-05-20 2010-05-20 goto url (new window) webdesignsoul.c... goto myNews misc

40 Beautiful Photo Retouching Tutorials Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is really useful tool for web designers, graphic designers and also useful for photo (...)

clicks: 4174 4174 2010-05-20 2010-05-20 goto url (new window) smashingbuzz.co... goto myNews misc

50 Helpful Typography Tools And Resources

We love beautiful typography, and we appreciate the efforts of designers who come up with great typo (...)

clicks: 3550 3550 2010-05-19 2010-05-19 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc

100 Fresh And Free xHTML Templates Of Year 2010

If you remember some long time at 1stwebdesigner we published huge 2-part article (part 1, part 2) (...)

clicks: 3822 3822 2010-05-18 2010-05-18 goto url (new window) 1stwebdesigner.... goto myNews misc

Modern CSS Layouts, Part 2: The Essential Techniques

In Modern CSS Layouts, Part 1: The Essential Characteristics, you learned that modern, CSS-based web (...)

clicks: 3628 3628 2010-05-18 2010-05-18 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc

9 Web CSS Tools You Must Know

There are heaps of CSS tools out there, which one is the best? Check out this post, I have gathered (...)

clicks: 3976 3976 2010-05-17 2010-05-17 goto url (new window) queness.com/pos... goto myNews misc

CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

This is the home of a free O'Reilly Media book about Apache CouchDB. The book is designed to guid (...)

clicks: 3583 3583 2010-05-16 2010-05-16 goto url (new window) books.couchdb.o... goto myNews misc

The Current State of Web Design: Trends 2010

Web design is a fickle industry. Just like every other form of artistic expression, Web design has u (...)

clicks: 3530 3530 2010-05-16 2010-05-16 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc

45 Absolutely Stunning Examples Of Silhouette Photography

Silhouette Photography produces very stunning results and would be considered as the best option whe (...)

clicks: 3422 3422 2010-05-16 2010-05-16 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

A Brief History of Markup

HTML is the unifying language of the World Wide Web. Using just the simple tags it contains, the hu (...)

clicks: 4072 4072 2010-05-15 2010-05-15 goto url (new window) alistapart.com/... goto myNews misc

10 Alternative Monospace Fonts for Programmers

Recently I started to look for an alternative programming font after spending far too many hours sta (...)

clicks: 4096 4096 2010-05-15 2010-05-15 goto url (new window) retrocode.blogs... goto myNews misc

20 Fresh High Quality Free Fonts

Every now and again we take a look around, select "fresh" high-quality free fonts and present them t (...)

clicks: 3751 3751 2010-05-14 2010-05-14 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc

30 Gorgeous and Versatile CSS Menus

Sometimes the navigation menu can be one of trickiest parts of the design process. This single area (...)

clicks: 3754 3754 2010-05-14 2010-05-14 goto url (new window) designshack.co.... goto myNews misc

26 Free Progressive and Experimental Fonts

Design is constantly changing and moving forward. However, typography is one aspect of design that s (...)

clicks: 3644 3644 2010-05-14 2010-05-14 goto url (new window) webdesignledger... goto myNews misc

40 Stunning Tutorials about 3D Text Effect Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is powerful tool for create any kind of professional designs and effects for both ca (...)

clicks: 3901 3901 2010-05-13 2010-05-13 goto url (new window) smashingbuzz.co... goto myNews misc

50 best photoshop photo effects tutorials

I've collected 50 best Photoshop photo effects tutorials that will inspire and help you to master ph (...)

clicks: 4277 4277 2010-05-13 2010-05-13 goto url (new window) graphicalerts.c... goto myNews misc

12 Elegant, Free and High Quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates

HTML5 is the next major version of HTML. HTML5 provides some great new features for web designers wh (...)

clicks: 3982 3982 2010-05-12 2010-05-12 goto url (new window) devsnippets.com... goto myNews misc

Chinese Language and Programming

I was fortunate enough to be at Chicago Code Camp yesterday and sat through a talk by Ola Bini on h (...)

clicks: 3583 3583 2010-05-12 2010-05-12 goto url (new window) blog.yam.com/so... goto myNews misc

40 Beautiful Free Fonts For Creating Attractive Typography Headlines

A sweet collection of carefully handpicked high quality free fonts, which are all suitable to be use (...)

clicks: 3725 3725 2010-05-12 2010-05-12 goto url (new window) creativenerds.c... goto myNews misc