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We all had to memorize that cute mnemonic solar system device in grade school that taught us the order of the planets. Some of us even had Milky Way placemats. But for most of us, the outer space education ended there. (Sorry guys: "Star Trek" and Star Wars don't count.) Maybe that's because space feels too distant to ever be relevant to our day-to-day routines. Or maybe it's simply that the otherworldly element generally overwhelems us and bruises our intellectual egos.

But maybe it's time to start paying attention to space again. Hell, Lance Bass and Paris Hilton went there. How complicated can it be? As those who have kept in touch with the cosmos will tell you, space is one damn interesting place, chock-full of wacky phenomena. And you don't even need to work for NASA to understand it. In fact, if you ever find yourself stranded in space like the rag-tag crew of Earthlings in our hilarious original retro SciFi series, "Space Hospital", you might have a lot of fun getting to know the weird ins and outs of the final frontier. Here's a collection of interesting and altogether weird space facts that you probably didn't learn in school or even on TV. So sit back, strap in, and get ready to go where few normal men have gone before.

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